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Twice Foundation was founded by Kapanya Kapanya as part of the East African Outdoor Adventures family of companies specifically to help women, infants and children who are in need. In the course of supplying regular types of donations such as food and other resources, Kapanya recognised that focused donations, designed in the right way, can be of small scale but great worth to individuals and families. These types of donations are aimed at helping people reach a point where they can more easily help themselves.

Our efforts began with supplying teaching and resources for small scale projects like raising local breed chickens, dairy goats, ducks and rabbits and growing rice and corn. Local breed chickens and eggs are in high demand. Goat's milk costs more per liter than cow's milk. Any livestock, milk, rice or corn then produced in excess can be sold to raise money for supplies, other food, clothing, shelter improvements or schooling costs.

Specific self-help projects Twice Foundation has started and are ongoing include: Funded costs for building livestock shelters from raw and recycled local building materials; Funded rice and corn field rental costs including buying seeds and fertilizers; Continuously providing funds for the purchase of chicken feed (special bran) and veterinary services. In addiiton we continue to supply typical type donations such as sacks of corn to a primary school in a remote Maasai land area and food to UAACC - United African Alliance Community Center, a children's center and home. Our donors have also provided cash donations to a remote school for teacherrs to purchase drinking water for students.

The above listed are just some of the manageable projects that families and individuals can start and manage on a smaller scale. We hope to to be able to continue and grow, and to provided the necessary knowledge and beginnings for more people in need. With your help, we can. To donate please contact us at

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